The Risks of Declawing Cats

Animal Pals: The Risks of Declawing Cats

The Risks of Declawing Cats

When you have a feline member of the family, you’ve in all probability skilled the various advantages that come from having a loving bond along with your kitty companion. You’ve in all probability additionally seen (or felt!) the acquainted prick of these pointy paws. However, earlier than you declaw your cat, it’s essential to know the downsides – and risks – of declawing the one you love household cat.


Why Cats Have Claws

  • Claws assist cats grip and revel in stretches that have interaction and tone their backs and shoulders. 
  • Whereas people stroll on the soles of their toes, cats stroll on their toes. Due to this, they want their claws to assist them stability correctly. With out claws, your cat is compelled to change the best way they stroll which may end up in discomfort, ache and joint injury. 
  • Cats scratch to launch happiness – which is why you could witness your kitty joyfully scratching their scratching put up while you return residence or after a play session with you or your different felines.

Why You Shouldn’t Declaw

  • Declawing is a painful process that really removes a part of a cat’s toes, reducing by way of bones and nerves. For people, this could be the equal of reducing off a finger on the first joint, nail and all.
  • The elimination of the bone and claw additionally has unhealthy, dangerous uncomfortable side effects on your feline. Declawing could cause an infection, irregular claw development inside the toe, irritation, arthritis or behavioral modifications akin to elevated aggression, biting, emotional trauma or litterbox avoidance points.
  • Animal Pals and the ASPCA discourage declawing – it’s thought-about inhumane and is already unlawful in 28 international locations. Though it isn’t but prohibited in the US, a number of cities have banned the apply.

Secure and Wholesome Alternate options

  • Be sure that your cat has authorised surfaces to scratch. Cardboard, carpet, rope or material scratchers could be bought or made at residence. With quite a lot of scratching choices, you’re certain to discover a floor your feline will take pleasure in scratching greater than your couch!
  • Trimming a cat’s claws each few weeks can drastically scale back injury from scratching.
    • TIP: Make trimming a pleasurable exercise on your cat by providing some yummy treats as a reward!
  • Cats’ claws develop constantly, identical to human nails. The outer sheaths of the claws, which turn into boring over time, are shed when a cat scratches. As cats grow old, they might not put on their claws down as quick, ensuing within the want for extra frequent claw trimmings.
With correct schooling, endurance and a little bit constructive reinforcement, your cat can proceed to scratch fortunately with out you or your property paying the worth! Contact Animal Pals at 412.847.7000 or go to our web site should you need assistance coaching your cat to scratch appropriately. Your kitty (and your furnishings) will definitely thanks!


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